Friday, March 22, 2013

View from Mt. Lavinia

Sunrise on 16th March 2013 from Mt. Lavinia

The following sequence of Photographs were captured around 6.25 a.m. from a rooftop of an apartment in Mt. Lavinia. We also managed to capture the same on the 16th of March 2010 from the same location. Hence, we can safely confirm that for those living close to or in line with Mt. Lavinia Junction / Super Market, Samudrasanna Road the date of view is 16th of March Annually. 

A photographer should make note of the following 2 important facts

1. The whole sequence (i.e. from the first sun ray being visible to completely rising above the mountain) takes less than 1 1/2 minutes (ideally around 1 minute and 20 seconds)

2. The brightness of the sun increases as it rises where it makes it tough to adjust your shutter speeds etc.. given the limited time you have (Trust me, it will be over in a jiffy and you would be wondering as to where you perfect photograph went)

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